1. Erotic reading for you and your lover

    Fiona Locke's Over The KneeBedtime stories aren't just for kids: grown-ups also love a saucy tale or too…

    The best way to develop your erotic imagination is by reading erotic stories, especially with your lover as it will help you both feel confident enough (over time) to share your own fantasies with each other.

    There are tons of erotic books out there, often classified by defining themes such as Bondage, Vanilla Sex, Anal and so on. Depending on what you and your lover are into, the erotic literature world is your oyster.

    For example, if you get turned on by the idea of voyeurism, Ray Gordon's Last Call is just the read for you: 'Unhooking my bra and allowing the cups to fall away from my petite breasts, I knew I'd lost control of my senses… Slipping my skirt down my long legs, I stood before the window in my panties and imagined Derek spying at me through binoculars.'

    If you love being spanked, you'll definitely want to read Fiona Locke's Over The Knee . You and your lover may even pick up some great tips from reading it!