1. Book of the Month - Templar Prize

    Templar Prize by Deanna Ashford Deanna Ashford's Templar Prize is the Lovehoney Erotic Book Club Book of the Month for January. Kick off the new year with a special treat by buying it for just £1.99 during January, and don't forget to discuss it with other erotic fiction fans in the Erotic Book Club forums.

    At last free of a disastrous forced marriage, Edwina de Moreville accompanies Richard the Lionheart on a quest to the Holy Land to recapture Jerusalem from the Saracens. Recently reunited with her first and only love, Stephen the Comte de Chalais, she finds that their passion for each other is as strong as ever. But the path before them is shrouded in danger and betrayal.

    Storms at sea, cruel emperors, tyrant kings, renegade Knights Templar and Saracen noblemen all make their desperate situation even more perilous, until even Saladin has a part to play in their destiny.

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    You can buy the featured Erotic Book Club Book of the Month, Templar Prize, for just £1.99 during January, saving you £5.60 on the cover price.

    Here are some questions to think about while you're reading the book…

    What did you like or dislike about Templar Prize?

    Do you prefer historical or contemporary erotica?

    Which scenes did you enjoy the most?

    Templar Prize features chastity belts, slave markets and harems - do you think it's easier to deal with themes of borderline consent in historical erotica?

    Armand is bisexual, and there's some homoerotic tension in his relationships with the other men in the book. The author would have liked to put more in, but says in her interview that the editor stopped her. Do you find gay male sex a turn-on in erotic fiction?

    Did you find the historical detail here convincing?

    Stephen and Isabella claim to love each other but sleep with anyone else at the drop of a hat. Does romantic love have a place in erotic fiction?

    Would you like to see more stories set in the period? Which elements of the story do you think could be explored further?

    Did the book end the way you expected?

    What changes would you make to the story?

    Which other historical settings would you like to see in an erotic novel?