1. Great sex positions: Thigh Master

    Have sex and nail a New Year's resolution all in one move…

    If your New Year's resolution is to tone up your body, start with your thighs and give them a workout with this nifty sex position.

    You will need a sturdy, high-backed chair in order to perform this move, as well as a fair bit of stamina and the willingness to work your thigh muscles hard.

    With your guy sitting on the chair and his legs together, place your legs on either side of the chair, in a kneeling position, so that your bottom is facing him. Once you're comfortable in this backwards kneeling position, gently lower yourself down onto his erect penis.

    You will need to use your thigh muscles to power yourself up and down as you grind along his penis, building up speed and intensity as you both get into it. Not only will this move tone up those thighs over time, but it's great for G-spot action, too.

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