1. Vibrating Eggs: Deconstructed

    Vibrating Egg Big apologies to anyone who showed up here on Monday looking for my promised post on Vibrating Eggs. Sometimes even the most dedicated of sex toy aficionados get distracted by Christmas. But, we're back on track now, so let's examine one of the more perplexingly simple toys out there.

    There are - basically - two main types of vibrating eggs: there are those with cords and those that are cordless. Simple enough distinction, no? As you may guess, a corded egg tends to have more variable speeds and patterns, and has a longer running time. The downside, of course, is that you're limited to how far away your hand can be and some positions get tricksy.

    A cordless egg, on the other hand, gives you a greater range of motion and options, but you'll find that the batteries run down a whole lot faster. You are also often limited to one speed or pattern (the Lovehoney Dream Egg 10 Function is an exception - and the cheapest model to boot. Toy Joy has a similar model out there, but it is currently sold out - ask for email notification if you're interested).

    But let me answer the main questions you'll have:

    1. Yes, it is intended to be inserted. Position it for G-spot stimulation - especially grand as a couple's toy when using the cordless versions.

    2. Of course, you can use it externally if you like. They can be used as a clit vibe in the same way a bullet is used.

    3. Yup, perfectly safe to be used anally as well, but you'll want to stick to the corded versions for this.

    Speaking of Number 3, there are models out there that are specific to this purpose. You can get eggs that have more than one egg on them for using in various locations at one time - with long cords, this can mean a couple gets to enjoy the same toy at the same time. One of the better models for this is the Toy Joy Triple Bullets - this has an egg shaped vibe as well as a bullet vibe and a smaller vibe. With this sort of model, you can either use all three on yourself or share a vibe or two with your partner. This model is currently sold out - at that price, no wonder - but send an email through to be alerted when it is back in stock. Until then, you might like the O My Daisy Double.

    Next week, I'll take a look at the always useful, sometimes befuddling Bondage Tape.