1. Get Prepared for New Year's Eve!

    New Year's Resolution?

    What's the one thing you can pretty much count on for New Year's Eve? No, I don't mean bad telly and painful conversations with your auntie about what resolutions you're making this year - the great thing about New Year's is it is the one night of the year where pretty much everyone can go home with someone, if they want to. People will be feeling jolly, perhaps having an adult beverage or two, and wanting to really knock the old year out with a bang before bringing the new one in (there is a reason the old wisdom advises you to start the new year the way you want it to go on).

    As in all things, proper preparation prevents poor performance. Don't find yourself desperately trying to find a corner shop that is open late, or begging a friend for a spare - when you have condoms coming in cute little tins like the Legends Condom Tin, there is no reason for anyone, not even women who carry tiny little handbags, to not have condoms to hand. They're even on sale, so you're getting a bargain - and if you order by midday on Saturday, you can have them in your hands in time for the big night.

    If you're on the go, try a three pack for ease of travel - but if you're stocking up your bedside table, try a variety package so you're sure to please any guest.