1. Body Painting

    Fruit Flavoured Body Paint BoxTry out a new sensation by stimulating each other's nerve endings with erotic body painting

    It's no secret that having your body delicately stimulated by unsual props will make you tingle from head to toe, and body painting kits can be a fun and sexy way to reaffirm that ultra-close physical bond between you and your partner.

    Set aside a generous amount of time and let your artistic personna roam free as you draw shapes, spell out sexy words and conjure up rude drawings on each other's bodies. You could even spell out what you want your lover to do to you after your erotic art session is over!

    Try the yummy Chocolate Body Paint Tube, the oh-so juicy Fruit Flavoured Body Paint Box or the hilarious Glow Body Finger Paint Kit for some nocturnal fun.

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