1. Great sex positions: Rodeo Rider

    Yee-haw! Here's one for all you cowgirls and bare-back riders

    Throw caution to the wind tonight and give your man a thrilling ride with this 'fast fuck' position. All you need is some lube and a sturdy surface to ride him on!

    Get your man to sit down on the bed or floor with his legs bent at the knees and his arms bent outwards behind him, supporting his upper body. Lower yourself down on to his erect penis, balancing yourself on your toes so that you can bounce yourself easily and quickly up and down the length of his shaft.

    Use your legs to thrust yourself up and down and stay on your toes for maximum movement. Your guy can also get in on the action by lifting his bottom off the bed or floor and thrusting into you as you grind down on him.

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