1. Special Sex for the Holidays?

    Over on msnbc.com's sex channel, they are discussing whether or not "special" sex should be saved for just the Christmas season. You can read the full answer here, but the question that prompted it all is:

    Q: Is it normal for my husband to withhold a certain way of making love that really truly works for me? He knows it's my favourite, but he told me once that it is only for special occasions. I feel I am so sexually deprived. Most of the time it's all I think about, right down to having affairs in my head.

    Now, there are certainly some sex acts that require enough work and effort that they can't be done every day (if you like pie throwing, for example, you may have to wait until the carpets get cleaned from the last time), but for the run of the mill pleasures that would make your partner especially happy, it might be time to consider making a new year's resolution (don't get scared by that phrase - I'm not suggesting that you start losing weight or learn a foreign language just yet) that this year, you're going to extend the special giving season a bit further than just 12 days this time around. If you know your partner likes oral, invest in a pack of different flavoured lubes; if your partner gets a kick out of being spanked, a gift of a paddle won't go amiss - whatever pleasures they seek, make plans now to make them happy all year long. This is one of those gifts that you tend to get back, after all - and who can say no to that?