1. Erotic stocking fillers

    Mini Paris I Rub My DuckieLooking for a last-minute kinky stocking filler? Then take a look at these naughty gift ideas…

    Mini Paris I Rub My Duckie
    Go Parisian on your lady with this ultra-chick bath-time vibe. All you have to do is squeeze the duck's tummy and the action starts!

    Hustler Lust Dust Lickable Body Shimmer
    Pink, pretty and ultra-delicious, tease and tickle your lover with the fluffy puff and dust her body with Lust Dust then lick it all off…

    Strip Poker Sex Game
    Indulge your hustler side with a naughty game of strip poker. You can either play as a couple or amp up the exhibitionist stakes and play with other couples. Each card comes with saucy instructions.

    Wind Up Willy Rider
    Give your girl the ride of her life with this hilarious wind up willy!

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