1. Three tasty tantric tricks

    If you've got time and patience on your side, tantric sex is worth exploring. Here's three cool moves to get your tantric juices flowing…

    Many people run a mile at the thought of tantric sex, but you needn't feel like that. While it's true that tantric experts can have sex for hours on end without orgasming, one of the main attractions of tantric sex is how close you will feel to your partner.

    Everything seems amplified if you put the time and effort in – your orgasms will certainly be more mind-blowing the longer your build-up – and the level of affection and attention with your partner will be tenfold compared to your routine quicky before lights out.

    Tantric can be complicated, but here's three tasty moves to whet your appetite:

    Build on his anticipation
    Touch is extremely important during sex, but your aim here is to caress other parts of your lover's body that you might not often spend time on. For example, massaging your lover's thighs can be extremely relaxing and can help build sexual anticipation the further toward his groin you travel. Once you have massaged his thighs, start to gently massage his groin area, but do not touch his penis! That comes much, much later on…

    Use your nails
    Nails feel great when traced or gently dragged over the skin, and many men love the sensation of nail on skin when they're in a loving embrace. Why not trace a figure of 8 pattern along the inside of your lover's thighs, outer thighs, abdomen, chest and on the back of their neck to stimulate their erogenous zones?

    Embrace your senses
    Tantric sex is all about enveloping your five senses, so get in on the act by introducing food into your tantric session. Juicy fruits such as strawberries, peaches and grapes are incredible when passed from your mouth to your lover's, along with champagne drizzled from your mouth over your lover's lips.

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