1. Nipple lick

    It's not just women who love their nipples licked!

    Men can get aroused from a saucy spot of nipple play, too. We're saying you can make a guy hard from licking his nipples, but it can be a great added stimulus while stroking his balls and shaft.

    Try making a wide circle with the flat of your tongue around the outside of your man's aerola, then gently bite or flick the peak of his nipple. Doing this while giving him a hand-job is a double pleasure whammy for your guy!

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    • reese: March 09, 2009 01:55
      This is a secret that only smart women know about. The majority of times that this happens is during the heat of the moment,and only women know when and exactly when to do this to intensify the ejaculation from their male partners. It works, and it is a powerful tool for those willing to please.
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