1. Sex moves: the Black Widow

    Dominate your man and feast on your sexual prey with this powerful erotic move

    You can adopt this sex move during any position, but the best time to use it is during a woman-on-top position, such as sitting on top of your man while his back's against a wall.

    The essence of the Black Widow move is that whenever you start to climax, you tighten your squeeze on your man's limbs. You can do this by squeezing your thighs closer together if wrapped around his waist, or squeeze your arms around his shoulders if holding onto him.

    The vibe is that, much like the deadly black widow spider, the more aroused you get the tighter your grip on your guy. This will make him feel totally submissive, as though you are devouring him to get your rocks off! He'll also be extremely aware of when you're about to orgasm, so that hopefully he can bring himself to orgasm the same time as you.

    Just remember that if your guy says you're squeezing too tight, back off and tone it down to a level that's comfortable.

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    • saleh: January 07, 2008 19:08
      iwant grile epony and black very sex
      thank u
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