1. Shave your pubic hair for more orgasms

    Smoothshave Intimate Area Shaving PackSome men may like a full bush, but sometimes the smoother you are the faster the orgasms!

    The idea is that with less hair to get in the way, the more friction you will get on your vagina during sex and the more responsive your clit and vagina will become.

    Tons of porn stars swear by waxing or shaving their pubic hair, not only because it looks fantastic on camera but because they're able to feel a lot more when its tongue on skin or skin on skin. Try shaving or waxing your vagina tonight and see if it makes a difference for you!

    If you don't fancy a Brazillian or Hollywood, and don't trust yourself with a disposable razor, invest in the Smoothshave Intimate Area Shaving Pack or the handy Lady Shaver for a smooth pubic area.

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    • simon collins: December 17, 2007 23:03
      i have shaved for years, and must say leaving a narrow piece of pubic hair above the penis, gives your lady more friction on her private area,trust me she will not last the distance.
    • Bad Kitty: December 20, 2007 19:20
      Ooh, I like that Simon! That definitely hits the spot for me...
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