1. Five Ways for Men to Practically Improve Their Sex Lives While Single

    As I talked about on Friday, being alone doesn't have to mean the end of your sex life. On the contrary, for men on their own, it can be a time when they finally develop greater control over their orgasms, increase their stamina, and experience prostate stimulation for the first time. Whether you want to learn to control your responses, enjoy stimulating body parts beyond your cock, or just get yourself into the best possible shape for when you are having partner sex, there are many things that you can do alone so much better than you can with a partner…

    Here then are 5 ideas and tips for enjoying your solo flight:

    1. The genius of the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit is that it works both as a masturbator AND as a tool to work on increasing your stamina and endurance. It feels close to the real thing, so you can work on controlling your orgasm without the pressure of satisfying a woman at the same time.

    2. Look, dating is expensive business. There are dinners to pay for, new clothes to buy to impress, flowers, dates… if there is any benefit to being on your own for a bit, it's that you can finally treat yourself. And this? Is a treat. The Ooh-la la Prostate Massager is a vibrating, mains-powered, gloriously shaped toy to best hit all the right spots. You deserve it.

    3. The Aneros Progasm Prostate Massager - like all the models in the Aneros line - is made to hit your prostate just right. This is not like any other old anal dildo - they're made to use your own internal muscles to do all the work for you. You insert, lie back, and wait for the pleasure to roll in. The Progasm is a great intro to the line.

    4. If you haven't tried anal stimulation, but you've always been curious, you can hardly do better than trying out the Spectra Gel Double Combo Anal Tool is a great place to start because it gives you two types of stimulation in one toy. You can try out a straight penetration, or explore beads to see what feels best to you.

    5. Now this has me interested. One review already in giving it five stars makes it seem well worth giving it a go. The Bathmate Hydrotherapy Pump uses warm water (you use it in the bath) to stimulate and encourage circulation - hopefully to the end of a greater penile health, harder erections, and regain erectile control.

    I would be just about the last person to ever suggest that sex is better without a partner - I love partner sex. But spending all your time along wishing you were with someone so that your sex life could 'start' is such a waste of valuable time - far better to use the time to get yourself to the peak of your sexual prowess, increase your control over your climaxes, and explore all new avenues of pleasure. When next you have a partner in your bed, you'll be ready to take things to a whole new level.

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