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  1. Great Anal Sex Positions: the Jack Hammer

    Even though the name suggests a fast anal sex position, you can mix it up for varying sensations

    Before you attempt any anal sex position, you need to well-lubed and stimulated in order to have a comfortable time. Never ever let your man go in dry!

    Great anal lubes include Aquaglide's Anal Lubricant, SLiquid's Sassy Glycerin Free Anal Lubricant and Doc Johnson's Anal Lubricant.

    To perform the Jack Hammer on your girl, you need to make sure she's well-stimulated beforehand. Give her a long session of oral and be sure to throw some rimming into the mix as well as some gentle anal fingering.

    Once she's come, get her to put some pillows underneath her butt and lower back, then hoist both her legs over your shoulders as you kneel between her legs. From this angle you will be able to see exactly where your penis is going and how far you have inserted it.

    Take it easy to begin with, and insert your penis an inch at a time, checking to make sure your girl is comfortable at each stage. You don't even have to fully insert your penis in this anal position, as the tip of your penis will be squeezed by her tight anal sphincter muscles, which will be enjoyable for her too.

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