1. 5 Ways for Women to Make the Most of Singledom

    As I talked about on Friday, being alone doesn't have to mean the end of your sex life. On the contrary, for women on their own, it can be a time when they finally nail down their elusive orgasm, learn what works for them, or increase their sexual responsiveness.

    Whether you want to have your first orgasm, start having regular orgasms, just enjoy touching your own body, or hunt down that sneaky g-spot orgasm, there are many things that you can do alone so much better than you can with a partner…

    Here then are 5 ideas and tips for enjoying your solo flight:

    1. Take time for yourself. Women often need more of a build up than men do, so using your alone time means that you don't have to worry about keeping up with anyone else - take a bubble bath, massage oil on your thighs and breasts (or anywhere else that takes your fancy), and just get used to being able to touch and enjoy your body as you wish.

    2. Go ahead and try enhancements. There are several types of balms out there to increase sensation - both those for your clitoris and those for your g-spot. Experiment with the different options till you see if any of them work for you. With no man around to make you feel like you have to ooh and aah at every touch, you can really learn what gets your motor running.

    3. There are quite a few benefits to doing your kegel exercises - by strengthening your pelvic floor muscles, you are increasing the intensity of your future orgasms, you're decreasing the likelihood of suffering from incontinence, you're going to be able to wow your next partner with an incredible internal squeeze, but perhaps most importantly… doing kegels around a device like this feels darn good.

    4. Okay, so everyone expects that an article on how women can have fun on their own is going to include a vibrator, right? But let me at least surprise you in the vibrator I choose. Rather than the much touted Rabbit line, I suggest starting small and humble for your first vibrator. Unintimidating, uncomplicated, but completely satisfying, a basic multi-speed mini vibrator will let you experience your first orgasm easily. From there, you can get fancy.

    5. Ready to take it to the next level? For women who already have the clitoral orgasm down, the g-spot orgasm can seem like the holy grail. But for such a complex task, you need a more complex tool. There is a wide range of g-spot vibes out there that have just the right curve to them to rock against the right spot for you to reach nirvana without wearing out your wrist.

    I would be just about the last person to ever suggest that sex is better without a partner - I love partner sex. But spending all your time along wishing you were with someone so that your sex life could 'start' is such a waste of valuable time - especially when you consider how much time with a lover is spent wishing he would leave the room so you could grab your vibe and get the job done already… Men come and go (pun only slightly intended) - the ability to take pleasure in your own body is permanent. Seize the opportunity to get more in touch with yourself. Now that pun was fully intended.

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