1. Erotic email

    Mind-blowing sex is all about the promise of a night to remember. Set the mood by sending your lover an email he'll never forget…

    If you normally send your lover an email mid-way through the day to find out how work is going or to remind them to pick up some milk on the way home, stop! Today you're going to send them an email detailing exactly what you are going to do to them once you get home tonight.

    Whether you want a long, sensual session of oral sex or a good, hard pounding against your front door as soon as your man steps foot inside your home, tell him now in an email. The promise of an erotic night will be a sure-fire way to get him longing for you all day and thinking of you in tons of different saucy scenarios.

    Just be sure to delete your email from your trash folder after sending it!

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