1. "So I'm On My Own...Now What?" Part II

    As I promised last Friday, I am going to be considering some options and benefits that are out there sexually for women on their own (and no, that does not include going to the local and picking up some random - you can do that without my say so, peeps).

    I think too often we get this idea in our heads that relationships are the goal that we are all trying to achieve. Especially as women, we are told from the time we are knee high that we need to get a husband, settle down in a cozy little house, raise some nubbins, and have a wonderful life. But for all that tradition, things are changing for us--more and more of us are waiting to get married and questioning why we want to always be in a relationship. And rightfully so - unlike men, we don't really get any health or social benefits automatically with a steady relationship.

    And it can sometimes be the case that when we have a partner, we forget to pay attention to what we want sexually. The onus seems to always be on Satisfy Your Man, So He Doesn't Cheat! - at least according to the more popular women's magazines (the ones that talk about 101 ways to surprise your lover, 73 ways to make your man pass out with pleasure, and 365 Nights of Unbridled, Holy Bejesus Pleasure - not the ones that talk about real life crime, just to clarify). I would never say that it isn't a worthy cause - I love a satisfied partner as much as the next girl. But if you think back to all the times you had a man fall asleep while you're lying there thinking, "um… is that… it?" you might start to realize that life on your own isn't all bad.

    Think on it this way - you may not have someone to hold your hand while walking down the street, make out with you at the movies, or surprise you with flowers - but by George, from here on out… Your orgasms are guaranteed.

    Never had an orgasm? That isn't uncommon, nor is it as insurmountable as you might think. A benefit of being on your own is that you can take all the time and effort you need, without worrying about a bored, frustrated, or pissy partner.

    Only ever had a clitoral orgasm and curious about whether or not there really is a vaginal orgasm that feels different? There is, and you can find out what you need to do to have them - there are toys that can more easily put in the time needed to get you there without complaining about a sore arm or stiff wrist.

    Or maybe you just wish you could have a quick orgasm and go right to sleep - no shame in that, and it is now completely possible…without being thought of as being selfish.

    I can't help you get a romantic surprise on your birthday or a sweet phone call when your mood is low - but I can help you expand your sexual sensations and abilities.

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