1. NEW! Exclusive Hello Kitty Vibrators at Lovehoney

    Once up a time Japanese schoolgirls discovered that their super-cute Hello Kitty Shoulder Massagers could be used for more than massaging their shoulders!

    Now these cheeky little single-speed vibes are available in the UK – exclusively at Lovehoney – and you know you want one!

    This mini rocket-style vibrator comes in three colours – red, pink and purple – and it features a simple twist operation.

    And wait till you clap eyes on the Hello Kitty Keychain Massager!

    The Hello Kitty Keychain Massager is the cutest vibrator ever.

    Featuring adorable Kitty in a horse kigurumi outfit, it's an essential gift for any fan of Hello Kitty.

    Your Hello Kitty Keychain Massager does not come in a box, but it does come with an authentic tag with instructions in Japanese.

    Watch the Hello Kitty Keychain Massager video.

    Watch the Hello Kitty Shoulder Massager Vibrator video.

    About Hello Kitty

    Kitty's birthday is 1 November 1974. She was born in suburban London. She weighs the same as 3 apples and likes cute things, candy, stars and goldfish.

    Baking cookies is Kitty's forte, but what she enjoys most is eating a slice of Mama's apple pie!

    Check out the complete range of colours below – you'll want to collect them all!

    Green Hello Kitty Keychain Orange Hello Kitty Keychain Yellow Hello Kitty Keychain Brown Hello Kitty Keychain Blue Hello Kitty Keychain

    Comments (3)

    • Cat: November 30, 2007 17:21
      I want one!!!!
    • ms lisa alty: December 09, 2007 15:33
      cool ok
    • satyam kr: December 26, 2007 18:30
      i wantone !!!