1. "So I'm On My Own...Now What?" Part 1

    Last week, I responded to a question about what a guy could do once his relationship had ended and he wanted to still enjoy a multi-faceted sex life.

    It got me to thinking about how many people out there are just out of a relationship, or haven't been in a relationship, or are still in the process of looking for the next good one. I have tended to focus in this blog on products and ideas for people to enjoy within a coupled relationship because I think it is important to start to ease up on the perception that sex toys are only for people who "have no other option".

    But maybe I've gone too far in that direction. Because while I would never describe sex toys as being anyone's "last resort," it is also true that they can bring a whole new element into your sex life when you don't currently have a partner. As I mentioned in my response, it is often when women are on their own and exploring that they have their first orgasm--that was certainly true for me. And that first orgasm can set them on the path to a life of easier, more frequent, and better orgasms on their own or with a partner. Rather than just killing time until their "real" sex life can start, women can use this valuable time to make themselves healthier and stronger sexually.

    And for men--you lucky men who usually don't struggle to have your first orgasm--you can use this time to discover the wide range of sensations available to you. Without the pressure to perform or satisfy your partner, you can take your time and focus on different ways to give yourself pleasure. And for those of you who might feel awkward bringing up prostate stimulation with a partner, this can be your time to explore your whole body.

    I think there is a lot more out there to think about for those of us who have time on our hands in our own bed. For the next two weeks, I'll be focusing on more ideas and options for men and women who want to use a period of single-life to enhance and improve their sex lives.