1. Great sex positions: The Swing

    Calling all acrobats and gymnasts!

    This move is not for the faint-hearted, or those with any sort of back injury for that matter. It requires good upper body strength from your man, and a great deal of dexterity from you.

    After you have indulged each other in lots of foreplay, lie back on the floor with your man lying between your legs. Get him to prop himself up on his hands so that his arms are supporting his upper body. Clasp both your hands around his neck so that your upper body is also off the floor.

    Your man should now start to penetrate you, making you both swing back and forth with each single thrust. If you want to take it to an advanced level, wrap both of your legs around his waist while still clasping your hands around his neck, so that your entire body is off the floor and supported by your man.

    He should then tilt himself forward slightly, so that each time he penetrates you there's maximum contact with your clitoris. Swing into him each time he thrusts and swings into you, until you've both reached orgasm or are completely knackered!