1. Women Don't Get Turned On By Hot Naked Men?

    Over in the Orgasm Army forum on how far you would let your man go on his stag night, happycamper led us to an article in the Guardianabout a new women-only strip club opening up in Birmingham.

    The article, of course, is chock full of discussion about whether or not this is a business that can possibly work because women tend to go out to such a place only in groups, as a "girls' night out" type of fun, rather than see it as an erotic thing - which is all really interesting, but what I liked was this quote from John Lenkiewicz, director of the London-based Institute of Sexuality and Human Relations, and a psycho-sexual therapist, who finds it impossible to think that women might get turned on by watching half-naked men gyrate. He says:

    "They would go for a laugh rather than for sexual gratification. Women are interested in attention, protection and humour rather than physical attributes."

    Now, the writer of the piece had her own problem with this quote, saying:

    "Although I am inclined to agree with this, I do take umbrage at a man, even a psycho-sexual therapist, telling me that he knows what women want. The long-standing theory, that women aren't turned on visually, feels like something men may have made up to make themselves feel better, telling each other in secret exchanges in changing rooms or masonic temples: "Yes, I'm ugly, smelly and have a small penis but she loves me because I make her laugh and know how to unblock the sink." "Get a grip," I want to say. "What we really want is a big, hard…" Alas, this is probably only true when it comes attached to someone who can make us laugh and unblock the sink."

    The problem I have with it is that it just isn't true for me, nor for a lot of my female friends. Sure, we like a man with a sense of humour, intelligence, and… um… sensitivity, I guess, but we're also aroused by a good-looking man.

    That doesn't necessarily mean his cock - because really, how often do you get a chance to see an erect cock if you don't own it? They certainly aren't shown as casually as female anatomy - but it does mean that I get a thrill when I see a well-muscled man walking down the street, or see a particularly fine-featured man sitting in the coffee shop.

    I think that the idea that women cannot be aroused simply by visuals is outdated and silly. And I for one would love to go to a women-only strip club - with or without all my girls.