1. Blindfold your lover

    Allure Leather BlindfoldBe more adventurous in the bedroom by blindfolding your lover

    Lots of women would love to be more adventurous in the bedroom, trying out wild sex positions and techniques, but inhibitions about their body shape or lack of confidence often get in the way.

    By blindfolding your lover you'll be surprised by how much of a sense of freedom you will gain, and you'll be able to let loose without worrying about how you look. Why not try one of these blindfolds out for size: Leopard Blindfold, Allure Leather Blindfold and the Ruff Stuff Kitty Leather Blindfold.

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    • Joan: November 29, 2007 00:54
      I agree that a blindfold makes a brilliant sex accessory. However, I find that the female being blindfold, is incredibly arousing. Being blindfolded by your partner is such a turn-on. You have no idea what their next move is going to be and it's usually a new move, as the guy feels he can be more adventurous when his woman can't see what he is doing. As guys are known to be much more visual creatures than women, they enjoy being able to look freely at(as well as touch)whatever part of your anatomy they like most, for about as long as they want. The women being unable to see is exciting to both partners, the guy likes that the lady can't see what dirty deed he is going to get up to next. For the female, there is the element of the unknown, causing a feeling which is a cross between fear and desire. I find a blindfold makes me much bolder in bed, I feel much better about my body and don't even mind if the lights are left on. I don't like to look at my body but my husband does. I do think both partners should give them a go though. Men also like a bit of the unknown and they also help you be more trusting in your relationship, which is risky, but exciting.