1. Burning Problems That Confuse Even The Experts

    Even for therapists and psychologists who have been dealing with relationship problems for years and years, there are a few problems that keep cropping up that manage to stump them or leave them floundering for a good solution. At least so says the Metro in their article "Relationship Experts Open Up".

    What trips them up the most?

    1. Women (I'm supposing men, too, but they focus on women) who keep going back to relationships wherein their partners have done really heinous things to them, like sleep with their mother. Now, seriously, I can't imagine anyone sleeping with my mother just in general, but I have to think I couldn't then have sex with someone who did. So fair play on being confused over that one.

    2. Women (probably not men as much on this one) who have a huge problem with their partners masturbating or using porn. I think it is kind of strange how many people still stumble over this one. It may just be because I'm a big fan of masturbating, but I am always happy to hear about people enjoying themselves with… themselves. Better than the alternatives, no? Besides, I couldn't possibly love the Monkey Spanker more if it came in a chocolate version.

    3. Couples who just don't communicate. I wish I could pretend I didn't have my own problems with this, but I don't think many of us could. Not telling your partner what you really want is both stupid and hideously easy to do. Have you told your partner what it is you really want? An easy way to sneak up on the hard conversations is to couch your desires behind a game, if you need a way to get the ball rolling.

    4. Men who don't deal with erectile dysfunction as soon as it becomes a problem. There is no need to suffer in silence, or worry yourself endlessly - there are an awful lot of solutions out there. Speak to your doctor and then speak to your partner. You might be amazed how easily what seems like a giant problem can be solved.

    5. People worrying about how much sex they want. It may seem strange to hear it on a sex toys blog, but it really is okay if you don't want sex all the time. So long as you are happy - and your partner is as well - with how much and what kind you're getting, it all works out to the good.

    6. People who don't protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases and keep themselves safe. Considering all the options out there--including fun onesthat actually make sex better, we just have no excuses anymore, now do we?

    Don't keep therapists awake at night, peeps - if you see yourself in this list, sit down with your partner and work towards a solution. We all deserve a happy relationship and a good sex life, we just have to go out and get it.