1. Kama Sutra Board Game

    Kama Sutra Board GameBoard games aren't just for geeks, you know…

    How much fun is this! A board game that actively encourages you to have sex, give and get head, and get up to all manner of saucy things…

    Forget Monopoly or Cluedo this Christmas, the only board game you need to while away a rainy day is the Kama Sutra Board Game.

    Based on the legendary Kama Sutra, this game is a great way to learn how to become a better lover while exploring your sexual self. Easy to play and set-up, the Kama Sutra Board Game sees players move around the board through the seven different levels, or Chakras, embarking on a sensual journey, encompassing different sexual and spiritual positions, thanks to the 65 full-colour Love Cards included with the game.

    Who knows how many new tricks and positions you'll pick up, and even if it does last as long as a drawn-out game of Monopoly, this one is bound to be more pleasurable.

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