1. ARRGH! I Rub My Duckie Travel Size Pirate Special Edition!

    I Rub My Pirate Duckie

    If you don't keep your eye on the What's New page over here, you might just miss some of the coolest products. I was just doing a quick look through to see if there was anything new that I justhadtohaveimmediatelyseriouslyrightnow - and look what I found. An absolutely adorable little vibrating duckie dressed up in pirate finery.

    I already love my I Rub My Penguin - seriously, one of the best presents I've ever gotten - and I am on very friendly terms with my I Rub My Fishie (though you'll have to just be jealous of the fact that I own the now defunct travel-size), so I know that this line is a winner. There aren't too many vibrators that I think make better gifts - especially if you're giving it as a first sex toy, or to someone you're not quite sure of the reception with - these little guys are incredibly well-made, classy, and just so cute no one could be offended.

    And he comes in his own little Treasure Chest. I can't be the only one who went "squee!" when I saw that…

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