1. Sensual massage goodies

    Good Vibrations Peppermint Large Massage BarIf you fancy giving your lover a sensual massage, don't forget these erotic essentials…

    Sensual massage is a great way to extend foreplay with your lover. There's nothing more erotic or relaxing than your lover's hands gliding all over your body, especially when enhanced by some delicious massage oils and a few scented candles to soften the mood.

    When it comes to massage oil, there's plenty of choice. You can get scented massage oils, cream lotions, traditional oil-based potions and even massage bars made of chocolate!

    Our favourites include Lover's Choice Strawberry Massage Oil and Chocolate Sundae Massage Cream, Good Vibrations Peppermint Large Massage Bar and the Body Love Lickable Massage Cream.

    Simply rub a few drops of cream or oil between your hands to begin with, then rub the massage lotion into your lover's body, mixing it up between small and large circular motions and long, luscious strokes.