1. Waterproof Vibrating Bath Massager

    Waterproof Vibrating Bath MassagerIf vibrating rubber duckies are not your style, you're gonna love this dinky waterproof massager!

    How does it work?
    If bath time is a haven of relaxation for you, take it to the next level by using this gorgeous Waterproof Vibrating Bath Massager as well. Featuring soft (but sturdy) 'pleasure nubs' on side and a handy grip on the other, this waterproof massager is as essential in the bath as your body wash and exfoliation mitt.

    Even though the 'pleasure nubs' are sturdy enough to provide a deep massage, the Waterproof Vibrating Bath Massager also has a built-in single speed vibrating bullet, so you can really go to town on those bits that need some extra TLC, especially your boobs and clit.

    Sizzlin' features:
    It's small enough to fit in your wash bag, but it you do happen to carry it to the bathroom or leave it lying around, it also looks a teeny bit like a nailbrush, so your housemates won't have a clue… until they try to use it, of course!

    Top Tip:
    Once you're finished with all your bath time cleansing, lie back and reward yourself with a tantalizing massage using your Waterproof Vibrating Bath Massager. Start at your toes and work your way up slowly, not forgetting your inner thighs, tummy and boobs. By the time you hit your x-rated spot you'll be ultra-relaxed and doubly horny.