1. Sexpert Says Not Everyone Is Capable of Hot Sex

    Hot Sex

    McBirdie says: Shut your yapper, Sexpert.

    According to an article in The Sun, psychologist Dr. Sandra Pertot has come out with the new theory that not everyone is capable of having hot sex. She says that there are as many different sexual personality types as there are personality types and therefore, some of us just won't be able to get the job done.

    "We accept there are so many different personality types, why don't we accept that there are so many differences in sex? Just like some people will never be able to become a Hollywood actor, some people won't be able to have hot sex - so why do sex therapists say they can?

    If you type in 'great sex' to Google, you will find hundreds of books promising you lusty sex. From day one of my career, I had couples coming to me saying they were upset they were not having passionate sex.

    The implication is, if you follow the programme in these books, you will have hot sex."

    Well. How nice.

    This all comes from her book, "When Your Sex Drives Don't Match" and she has an entire list of different sexual personality types and I guess gives reasons why they will never manage to have sheet-twisting, neighbors-complaining sex.

    I say… bollocks. Why can't everyone have the sex life they want? Sure, you have to work with your partner, if you're with a partner, but I think it stands to reason that if you want it… you can have it. If she was just saying that not everyone wants movie-quality sex, she would have my full support. I think we should all remove the pressure to live up to some sort of ideal incarnation of what our sex lives should look like. But if you do want good sex… go have it!

    Forget psychologists. What do they know anyway..?

    Do you think you are incapable of having hot sex? Think this theory is bunk? You can write to me directly at mcbirdie@lovehoney.co.uk

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