1. Trojan Twisted Pleasure Condoms Give Great Review

    Ask Birdie…

    Now, all things considered, I don't get that excited about condoms. I mean, sure, like most girls, I do love a ribbed condom every now and again. And glow in the dark ones are fun. But if you're in a relationship where you don't need to use them, you don't tend to think about them very often. Maybe once in awhile for a change, but not too much.

    So you can imagine how interesting reviews would have to be to get me to think very hard about putting a box of condoms into my next order. But honestly, I love the confused pleasure inherent in the reviews for the Trojan Twisted Pleasures Condom:

    My boyfriend once bought a multi-pack of Trojan condoms and the Twisted Pleasure was our personal favourite. The end of the condom is shaped in some kind of specific way that makes sex feel great.

    I can't specifically say why or how, but it feels better with Twisted Pleasure than it does with any other condom we've tried.

    I like it when a sense of adventure pays off:

    I bought these as they were on offer and sounded interesting. I've never used Trojan condoms before so didn't know what to expect from them. … They are fairly normal, no bumps or ridges but the twist at the end adds a little extra something for me to enjoy. I don't get much from bumps and ridges along the shaft but the positioning of the twist on these hits a good spot!

    We both like them and would buy them again. Definitely worth a try. They are a little different to the usual boring condoms. The twist is more for her than him but I'm sure he won't complain.

    And the real reason we all try out new things? For the orgasms, of course:

    I bought some of these a while back, they looked interesting and trying them out was certainly fun. When you put them on the don't look anything special - in fact the 'twist' manifests itself only at the tip where it forms 2 sort of flaps.

    Well, whatever it was meant to look like it did the job, I hate using condoms but on the rare occasions where they are needed this is the one I'd choose these, they got me there (well that and my partner) and they got me there fast! Far better than plain or ribbed.

    Color me convinced. I think I'll follow the lead of these good people and try something a little different next time. Maybe my old ribs can be improved upon.