1. Great sex positions: the Lap Dance

    Turn your living room into your man's own private 'titty bar' and give him a lap dance he'll never forget…

    Even though the Lap Dance is a named sex position, it will blow you guys mind even more if you actually give him a traditional lap dance before getting into this position; a double whammy, if you like!

    But if the thought of gyrating around infront of your lover, rubbing your crotch and boobs in his face and slathering yourself all over him seems a bit too exotic for you at this point in your relationship, concentrate on the position instead:

    Get your man to sit on a chair or armchair, facing you. You should then straddle him, giving him great access to your breasts, neck and clitoris – this way he can do half the work for you.

    Once you've gently worked your man's penis inside you, gyrate up and down, grinding your clitoris against your man's penis and lower abdomen for maximum friction, while he continues to stimulate your clitoris and breasts.

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