1. "Ask Birdie..." What Do I Do Now That My Girl Is Gone?

    Ask Birdie…

    Oh, Sex Toys. So tempting, but how do you know what to buy? What works? What doesn't? What is even OUT THERE to try? You have questions, I have answers (most of the time…)

    Dear McBirdie,

    I've recently separated from my girlfriend of many years, and find myself single for the first time in a very long time. I have no wish to find myself in another relationship soon, but would like to use this time to find out more about how I can enjoy sex. Can you recommend any sex toys for men to use alone? For the right product, money is no object!


    Alone But Excited

    Alone, I'm very sorry to hear that your long-term relationship ended. I hope you bounce back from it stronger than ever.

    As to your question, though - you're definitely on to something. Our times out of relationships can be some of the best times for us to really figure out what works for us sexually. For women, this can be when they learn what brings them to orgasm - removing the pressure of a partner, women can finally relax enough to see what works. For men, though, it's perhaps even more interesting because most of you already know how to orgasm, so you can get to work on seeing what feels even more incredible than what you're already doing.

    The most important recommendation I can give you is to go gentle. Some men go so hard and fast, just looking to get the job done, that they actually end up desensitizing themselves in the process. Remember that you'll eventually want to have sex with someone else in the future, so you'll want to keep those feelings in working order.

    While the Fleshlight is pretty much The Rabbit for men - and definitely has the reviews to back up that reputation, not all men like the pseudo-body part look. For that reason, and because I like toys that you'll be able to use with your next partner later, I prefer toys that have something a little bit different.

    My all-time favourite is the Monkey Spanker--not only does it have a completely different feel to your hand, but it is also so innocuous looking that you don't have to worry about a date finding it and thinking you're some sort of pervert. Bonus on that one is that women can use it on you much easier than other masturbators. The folks over at Orgasm Army seem to like it, too.

    One last product that the men are all raving about - you might want to take a look at the Stroke 29 Lubricant. You don't often see reviews like it has been getting. And again, this is one you'll easily be able to incorporate into couple's play when you're back on the saddle (or whatever floats your boat).

    Treat yourself gently, Alone, both your heart and your cock, and you'll be back in the game in no time. Best of luck.