1. I Can Stop Fluttering Now - Screaming O OHoney Vibrating Clitoral Sex Enhancer

    The Screaming O OHoney Vibrating Clitoral Sex Enhancer

    A couple of weeks ago, I first saw the Screaming O OHoney Vibrating Clitoral Sex Enhancer, and I was aflutter with pondering what it was all about. I had so many questions - was it rigid? Did it really lock into place? Would it become THE new couple's toy of choice?

    Well, anyone who knows me could have told you that there was about zero chance that I would just patiently sit around and wait for someone else to get one and review it. I had to have one. I think the fact that I waited nearly two weeks is pretty impressive, all things considered.

    So for those of you who were equally curious, here you go: the OHoney is completely flexible. Stretchy. Kind of fun to play with, like a rubberband. There is a little ring for your finger to hold it in place and another one that is… supposedly for your "pelvic bone", but I'll be darned if I get that. It has a little tiny flip switch on the head of the vibe.

    It is disposable and has about forty minutes worth of vibration to it. It comes in its own little pouch, like a condom, which according to some of the girls in my office makes it seem much cleaner and nicer to use. For people like me, I would point out that you can technically use it again if you replace the little tiny vibe bullet with a similarily shaped one. For example, the vibes in the Tracey Cox cock ring are the same size. So if you find your partner doesn't like wearing a ring, but you like the vibe, you can salvage the evening.

    What can I say? I'm from the frugal North. If you want to know more, you'll need to read the reviews over on Orgasm Army

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