1. Great Sex positions: The Ankle Slide

    One of the world's all-time favourite porno moves…

    Chances are you've already seen this move performed in a porno flick or two, but it's dead easy to recreate at home as long as you're a bit flexible!

    Slide your hands down your legs and grip your ankles while wearing high heels, being careful to keep your balance and not topple over. Straighten your legs and push your bottom as high into the air as you can, which will make you look ultra-toned and shapely from behind.

    Your man should now hold onto your hips to steady himself and slide inside you. Once he's fully inside you, he should place one hand around your waist and start thrusting slowly. Because you'll be in quite an exposed position, your man can stimulate your breasts and clit with a vibrator or with his hands while you're still bent over and gripping your ankles.

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