1. Elbow Grease Anal Lube Caused Premature Blogging

    Aneros Marksman Lubricant 6 Pack

    The other day I was all giddy to find that Elbow Grease Cream was in stock so I gleefully blogged about it so that the world could experience my absolute favourite anal lube - so creamy! So thick! So oddly sweet tasting!

    Unfortunately, my glee was premature. Lovehoney isn't really restocking the line - so if you want to experience my favourite anal cream, you're going to have to move fast and grab while the grabbing is good. This is the last available in the line, so order yours before I buy up the last of the lot.

    If you miss out on the Elbow Grease, or if you're just interested in trying something new, you might want to try the…goodness. I was going to mention another lube that is similar, but it's out of stock, too. All my favourites are sold out. Have you naughty peeps been having a ton of anal sex lately?

    Okay, we're going to move fast - at the point that I wrote this, you should be able to find the following in stock - move fast! Anal sex is apparently very IN this season!

    Aquaglide Gel has the benefit of being water-based, so it is completely safe with all condoms and toys. It also comes in a convenient upright tube.

    Tracey Cox Supersex Anal Lubricant, like all of the Tracey Cox line, is a lubricant that also has moisturizing properties. You'll appreciate that the morning after.

    Aneros Marksman Lubricant 6 Pack - I love love love the idea of these. Each packet is shaped so as to allow you to actually insert the lube right where you need it - no more glopping along and hoping you get enough in. These were designed to be used with the Aneros line of prostate massagers, but they'll work equally well with all toys and with…not toys.

    Have fun, naughties.