1. Great sex positions: The Overhang

    Here's a cool position for the kitchen; just make sure your kitchen table is sturdy!

    To perform The Overhang, lie down on your kitchen table with your legs and butt hanging over the edge. Get your man to stand inbetween your thighs, supporting your hips with his hands so that you don't fall off the table.

    Once he's supporting you comfortably, lift both of your legs onto his shoulders so that your butt is in his hands. Your man should then start thrusting with ease, grinding against your clitoris for powerful orgasmic results.

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    • steph: June 21, 2008 11:32
      hi, me and my partner have done this many times with our poor table. something for the man though, if you do as described above, but go over the corner of the table, then once youve got it right once the man has entered, my partners balls gently hit off the corner of the table and its great for him, obviously you will need to be a good hight from your table otherwise you may hurt yourself! but worth a try though
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