1. PSA: Tracey Cox Supersex Mint Tingle Lube

    Tracey Cox Mint Tingle Lube

    Last week, I mentioned that the Durex Tingle Lube had some problems with some people thinking it was water-based and some thinking silicone-based--we finally clarified that it was a light silicone-based lube that should be safe with most silicone toys (always spot-test to be sure--when we're talking about sex toys, you know you want to err on the side of caution. It is too sad to think about losing one of your little friends to a melty death).

    But just as we all breathed a sigh of relief, we realized that there was a problem with the labelling of the Tracey Cox Mint Tingle Lube. Is it something in the air with the minty tingly lubes? Who knows. All I know is that there are bottles floating around out there that have this lube down as a water-based lube when it is, in fact, silicone based.

    The bad news is that that means you need to spot check your silicone toys with it. But! The good news is that you now know that you've got a great tingle lube out there that will work well for anal sex, water sex, or longer/rougher sessions. So for all of you in the Orgasm Army Reviews who said that it was just too darned thick and great to be a water-based lube--vindication! You know your lubes!

    For the rest of you, why haven't you tried it yet? Everyone loves a good tingle…

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