1. Elbow Grease Anal Cream Lubricant Proves I have Sex Toy God-Like Powers

    Elbow Grease Hot Cream Anal Lubricant

    Way back in the good old days (well…June, anyway), I wrote a review for Elbow Grease Hot Cream Anal Lubricant. I was terribly excited about this product and gave it a glowing five stars because I thought it was just about the greatest anal lube to ever hit the market. It was creamy, it lasted for ages, it was fun to use…it even had a pleasant taste! I couldn't wait to tell the world about this fabulous product.

    And then Lovehoney stopped selling it.

    Listen, I'm not saying they got it wrong. I'm sure there are all sorts of factors that go into determining what products they stock and sell and which ones they have to discontinue and DENY THE PUBLIC OF THE FINEST ANAL LUBRICATION PRODUCT SINCE THE DAWN OF TIM---


    Sorry. It occurs to me that maybe I did think that Lovehoney got it wrong. But darn it, they fixed it! Currently the larger container of regular Elbow Grease Cream is sold out, as is the fabulous Hot version (I'm sorry, but until I know they're going to stock it regularly, I'm afraid I won't be able to share any of my tub with you), but you can still grab the smaller tub of Elbow Grease Cream at the ridiculously low sale price of £4.49. Grab yours while they still have it, and while you're at it, write to Lovehoney and let them know you need the other products in the line, too. Because trust me, you do.

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