1. Great Sex Positions: the 77

    Oral sex has the 69, now vaginal sex has the 77

    If you love spooning positions, you'll get to grips with the 77 in no time. Fantastic for close body contact, G-spot stimulation and sensual grinding, this sex move is great for when you're feeling a bit lazy…

    Lie on your side with your man lying behind you in a classic spoons position. Wrap both of your legs over and around your lover's top leg, pulling him close to you and pushing your butt toward him as he enters you.

    Once your man is fully inside you, straighten out your legs in line with his so that you're sandwiched together as you both bend at your waists while extending your legs at a 45-degree angle away from your bodies.

    Your bodies will create a '77' figure, and in this ultimate position the angle of penetration upon your G-spot is superb.

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