1. Sex Tips 101

    Tell us what you sex tips you really want to read about

    We've been posting daily sex tips for the past few months, and hopefully you've been enjoying our naughty tricks, varied sex positions and erotic toy reviews. But we're keen to find out what tips you guys really want to read about.

    Do you want more info on anal sex? More bondage for beginners tips? Sex positions for virgins? Or how about tackling a double-ended dildo? Whatever it is that you'd like a sex tip on, post a comment below and we'll get to it!

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    • Elenhaodh: November 22, 2007 22:57
      Hi there I really enjoy reading erotic stories and such but my partner isn't too keen on it. It is a really big fantasy of mne to have us both read and act it out is there any way to bring it into the relationship more gently, he hasn't outright said no just says it makes him feel a bit uncomfortable. HELP!
    • Bad Kitty: December 20, 2007 19:26
      Hey there

      One way you could try to introduce the idea of erotic reading to your partner is to start off by talking about your sexual fantasies with one another. Don't go overboard at first, just share a few sexy wishes with each other, like: "I'd love it if one day I came home and you were lying naked in bed, waiting for me."

      You can then build upon those wishes and turn them into sensual fantasies. You could then both take it in turns to write down a sexual fantasy and read them to one another. This could be a great way to get your man involved with erotic thought and reading, and may even get him interested in reading an erotic novel with you one day.

      Let us know how you get on!