1. Experiment: Durex Tingle Safe with Toys?

    Over in another forum, we got to talking about Durex Tingle lube - one of my all-time favourites. But I was surprised when someone said that as the lube was silicone, that you had to be careful with it when using it with silicone toys.

    I was surprised by this - I've always known Tingle to be a water-based lube (we're checking on that at the moment), so considered it completely safe. Clearly, in this situation, there is only one thing to do…

    An Experiment.

    I did a wee bit of investigating online and came to the strange conclusion that half the world thinks Durex Tingle is a silicone-based lube and the other half thinks water-based. And these aren't random folks - online merchants are split down the middle with how they describe it. Durex themselves say that it is a "light silicone" lube that is water-soluble. That makes me think that this puppy is a blend. A true silicone lube is not water-rinseable, as anyone who has ever gotten it on their sheets can attest.

    So that leaves us with the burning (melting) question - Is a "light silicone" lube safe with silicone toys? There is only one way to find out - A Battle To The Death. I put two of my favourite toys to the test and found that - at least with some toys - Durex Tingle seems to be completely safe.

    After speaking with Ruth, we've gotten the confirmation that Durex Tingle is not water-based, but is instead a silicone blend. So make sure you're spot-testing your favourite toys with it, peeps. No one likes a sex toy fatality.

    No one.

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    • supervixen: November 13, 2007 19:24
      I have found a drawback with this lube... it seems to melt acrylic nail extensions!!! It also seems to dry up fairly quickly, but the initial sensation on the skin is amazing, plus it tastes nice ;o)
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