1. And the winner of the Lovehoney Sex Tips Competition

    Move over Linda Lovelace! The winning tip in the Lovehoney Sex Tips competition tackles the tricky topic of deep throat and how to perfect your technique - with the help of your toothbrush!

    Congratulations to Tracy from Wiltshire who's happy to admit that her tip is based on her own experiences.

    PS) If you fancy more toothbrush fun, why not invest in a Tingle Tip Electric Toothbrush Clitoral Stimulator instead?

    Tip: Ever fancied learning to deep throat but got a really bad gag reflex?

    Well so did I but being of the submissive persuasion (in this relationship at least!) I decided to do my research as I didn't want to disappoint.

    Firstly, the best tip I can give you for getting rid of that pesky gag reflex is a trick used by sword swallowers etc and that is to use your toothbrush to find the area on your tongue where your gag reflex starts. Brush this area for 30 secs using the bristly part of your brush (you may gag a little but persevere.)

    Every day repeat the process, going back a little further as your gag reflex starts to subside. I did this and within the month my gag reflex was basically gone and if you combine it with practicing your deep throat techniques on a dildo you'll have your man in seventh heaven in no time!

    Always remember to try and keep your mouth and throat as aligned as possible when trying this as it makes taking your mans cock so much easier. A great position is to lie on your back with your head hanging off the bed and has the added bonus of your man being able to see his cock sliding down your exposed throat! He'll love you for it!

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    • Marcel: April 24, 2008 13:40
      Great Toothbrush under the sheets... or bathroom(:o)