1. Stiletto sex

    Now is the time to walk all over your man…

    There's something about a woman in a pair of sexy heels that's a major turn on, especially some sky scraper stilletos.

    Tons of male fantasies involve women wearing suspenders and stilletos, so make your man's wet dream a reality in the bedroom and kit yourself out with some gorgeous new shoes. If your man is up for it, you could stand on his back for a few seconds at a time while wearing your stilletos, or you could even try walking on him.

    We won't go into Ball Busting here, but that's another option if your man loves having pain inflicted upon his family jewels…

    If you don't feel comfortable using your heels directly on your man, you can still keep the fantasy alive by wrapping your legs around his waist while having sex, and digging them ever so slightly into the small of his back or the sides of his thighs to remind him you're wearing them. Failing that, hoist your legs up over his shoulders so that he can lick your stilletos while screwing you!

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