1. How to wear rubber panties

    Not just the domain of bondage babes, rubber panties can look seriously sexy on slim and curvy girls alike

    Your man will love the feel of rubber pants covering your butt and naughty bits, and he will especially love the way they cling to every inch of you.

    The only problem some people find with wearing rubber panties is that they can be tricky to get on and off, not to mention how hot they can get! But there's a nifty trick you can use to make it a lot easier…

    Sprinkle some talcum powder on your skin beforehand to make sure your panties slid on in seconds. Don't use oil, however, as this could damage the rubber.

    If you don't fancy the panties but want to get in on the rubber action, these kinky boots are sure to drive you and your lover wild: Temptations Rubber Thigh Boots

    Comments (4)

    • rubberpantybob: December 31, 2008 02:04
      I've been wearing rubber pants since I was a baby.Not plastic but real latex rubber pants.I'm over 40 and I can't go a day without haveing my rubber pants on.The feel of the latex rubber an the smell,well,put it this way,you have to put on a pair to really know what I'm talking about.I climax in them with no problem at all and thats when rubber pantys are at their best
    • Chloe: October 14, 2011 14:08
      I'm an advocate of rubber panties. All I can say is don't knock'em until you've tried them. The feel of the rubber direct against my skin just drives me wild and i love their slippery embrace. Yup they can be difficult to put on but.. as they say no pain no gain :O) I wrote a meditative audio to listen to when wearing them or wanting to wear them. You might want to try it. http://www.hypnotic4play.com / or http://clicky.me/6WfY
    • latexpert: May 19, 2013 17:45
      I love to wear latex rubber bermuda shorts to sleep. My favourite pair have anatomical penis and testicle sheath. I often stay in hotels and and find this garment essential wear especially if I am going to ejaculate as I can do this without messing the hotel bed sheets. I especially love the latex sheath as this is slightly smaller than the diameter of the shaft of my penis. The latex sheath therefore hugs my penis tightly and gives me an immediate erection!! Yes these latex bermuda shorts are truly fun to wear.
    • sheath33: October 22, 2014 13:10
      As with latexpert, I too enjoy wearing latex rubber pants to bed. They tend to rob me of some sleep at times, but less than before. I just bought a pair with an anatomical penis and testicle sheath and believe me it feels great!