1. "Do I look silly in this?" Bringing Costumes Into Your Play Part II

    In a lot of ways, I think costumes come across as even more "out-there" or kinky than types of play that are normally considered more 'technically' kinky. As I started planning this series on Costumes, I took to asking people about what they do with costumes and role play in their own lives. Nearly everyone giggled and said they weren't really 'into that sort of thing'. But these are the same people who ask where they can get their hands on a good flogger or how best to restrain someone.

    And yet, if you reword the question so that you're not asking about Costumes, but instead ask about "acting out fantasies" or "playing pretend", everyone perks right up and gets interested. I mean, who doesn't have at least one fantasy that they would like to play around with? And before you even put your hand up, you might want to think about the little thrill you get when you remember a certain teacher, or that quick thought you had when you pondered your chances of getting a flight attendant to join you in the bathroom, or the little fluttery feeling you get when you see a fireman throw a woman over his shoulder on tv. Just as fantasies are completely normal, so too is the desire to act them out.

    There are many types of costumes, but they can loosely be dropped into two broad categories: Full Costumes and Accessory Costumes.

    Full costumes can include everything from the full on head to toe furry animal costumes (think school mascots and charity bears) to complete superhero wear. Whether you're zipping into fur from stem to stern or making sure your boots match your mask, full costumes have the benefit of being completely immersive - no one is going to mistake you for anything other than someone getting fully into character. While that is the biggest benefit to this type of play, it can also be the downside. These costumes are going to generally be in the more expensive range and you either need to make sure you don't venture out of your house, or fully embrace ownership of what you're doing. Full costumes are for the brave and the committed--but isn't that the fun?

    Wanna give a Full Costume a go? Try the Dreamgirl Queen Size Sexy Female Robin Hood Costume, the Leg Avenue 5 Piece Swashbuckler Outfit (because pirates are The Hotness--you can also try the matching girl version for a night of pillaging), or the Masquerade 3-Piece Mountie Outfit. (What? Canadians can be sexy, too! They can!)

    Accessory costumes are for the toe-dippers in the crowd. These rely more on imagination to get the job done. They can be a lot of fun because their easy adaptability and low cost means you can play with a whole lot of fantasies before you run out of money or closet-space. Fully recommended to those who are new to playing out roles, accessories let you adapt more common fantasies to suit your style (love the idea of playing with a pixie, but for some reason, she always has a set of handcuffs in your fantasies? Easily accommodated when you're putting together your accessorized costume). Wigs, wings, whips, and various props all help to make your evening something a little bit different. As an extra bonus, they are all easily tossed behind the sofa if your mother stops by to visit unexpectedly.

    Some great accessory ideas: Lola Wig, Angel Wings (I love this set--they even have real feathers), or Forplay Fetish Cop Hat.

    What do you do with all these costumes and accessories once you have them? The answers coming next week…

    Did you miss the introduction to this series?

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