1. And third place in the Lovehoney Sex Tips Competition

    Lovehoney shoppers really are a naughty bunch. I'm still blushing (with pleasure rather than embarrassment) at the sizzling suggestions from our sex tips competition. And now it's time to reveal the winning entries.

    Third place went to Debora from Wales who came up with this red hot tip for experiencing the thrill of public sex without even leaving your house (and without getting arrested!)


    Tip: Put on an exhibition in your own house.

    Want to have sex in public but too scared you'll be arrested for indecent behaviour?

    Although this is a wonderful fantasy there are very few people who are really comfortable with the idea of being watched having sex in their homes. The exhibitionist fantasy is one you might like to try once you are both absolutely certain you are really safe from all but the most determined prying eyes.

    Wait till it gets dark and then pretend you are going out to do the rubbish bins make sure you take a really good look in through your front room window. Make sure you try it while your partner in there is wearing something light and reflective – remember skin can be quite reflective. Try it when they are in there with the lights off but leave the fire and/or TV on as you will want to be warm and you might want to watch something erotic.

    You will need to take it in turns to do this so that you are both comfortable with how exposed you are going to be and that you'll both find the level of exhibition a turn on rather than terrifying.

    If you can see too much through the window at first it needn't be a problem – it can be more exciting if you are having to lie on the floor behind a coffee table, sofa or even immediately under the window.

    Making love immediately under the window is even possible during the day and if one of you rides the other one in an appropriate way, using the windowsill as extra support, that person can see through the window and can tell the other about who is walking past unable to see what is going on which can add an extra frisson to your love making.

    If someone comes right up to your front window and stares in they will probably get an eyeful but it is a way to stop your interfering neighbour from poking their nose in where it is not wanted.

    If you live in an anonymous flat within a tower block putting on a show is often even easier. Take a look through the windows to the other flats around to assess what you can see. There are often interesting things going on but it is nearly always impossible to see enough for clear identification. (At least without binoculars.)

    If that is all you can see of them they will not be able to see much more of you whatever you get up to.

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    • marylou: February 10, 2008 21:24
      two years ago myself and my partner went on a camping holiday in ireland. my fantasy for years was to do it in public and this was something that i never devulged to my partner, but things changed on our two week break. we were having a great time and like everyone would agree with work the stress of life can come into the forefront when you are in the mood for love, but we were spending great quality time together and we were getting discovering why we are in love. i think that has to be an important part of a sex life or an experience. also that you do feel like you can trust the person you are with and if things go a bit pear - shaped you can laugh about it. about laughing about it i must recommmended that you stay away from electrified fences, cause if you are on a sand dune and there is a bit of a feild next door, and like in ireland it does get a wee bit windy they are not the things to hold on to when the wind blows you over but it sure was something to laugh about!!
      the time that we did venture out was during this holiday, we walked into a little town and had a lovely dinner, and had a few beverages that seemed to take down our inhibitions. the night was all starry and on the walk back there was a bridge and a lot of trees, we walked along the bridge and smooched, and one thing led to another and by the time we reached the trees we were making love. it was wonderful and it felt right and we both enjoyed it and my partner really enjoyed it.
      so the moral of my tale as it is long is that do it with someone you care about and trust, do it when the mood takes you both as you really need to both agree with it. ENJOY
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