1. Great Sex Positions: the Pelvic Lift

    Your man will get a bird's eye view of your naughty bits in this position, so make sure you're trim and neat!

    The angle of this position is great for rubbing against your G-spot, and the added extra of pillows means you get access to deep penetration in a comfy position. Here's how to do it:

    Ask your man to kneel upright on the bed or floor, so that his shins and feet are flat against the bed but his butt isn't. Lie on your back, facing him, then place a few pillows under your butt to raise your pelvis upwards.

    Now place your legs either side of your man's body, bending your knees and resting your feet flat on the bed. You man should now enter you, grasping hold of your butt and pulling you towards him while thrusting.

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