1. Climax H2O Lubricant is Keeping Me Up All Night

    Climax H2O Lubricant

    So I have a sex blog. I try out a lot of sex toys, I read a lot of news on sex, people talk to me about sex. I wouldn't call it a cushy job, but it certainly has its perks, right? But there is a downside, my friends. A very serious downside. Just this evening - after having yet another friend tell me that what I do is certainly not work - I was sat here with vibrating nipple clamps dangling from my… well… nipples, naturally, for the betterment of my sex bloggy knowledge. It is all for you, and darn it, I don't complain.

    Until tonight.

    I came online to Lovehoney--not to do "work" mind, but just to do a little personal shopping--and I scootch over to the "New" category for Lubricants. I like to keep abreast of anything new I might want to give a try, you understand. Afterall, LH might finally have brought back cinnamon flavoured warming lubricant (seriously, Bonny! I'm saying!) and I wouldn't want to miss out. And what do I see but a brand new lubricant touted as "America's favorite"!

    I am American*. And yet…I have never used this lubricant. I've never even heard of this lubricant. I, clearly, have let down the bloggy audience world with my lack of knowledge. So, horrified by this gap in information, I started looking into it. Do you know how many lube companies claim to be America's or the world's favourite lube? After an hour's searching, I know. And yet, I'm no closer to figuring out the mystery that is Climax H2O - "America's Favorite". There is apparently NOT ONE SINGLE REVIEW in the whole of the world, for all its favoured status. How is that possible? Won't anyone try this lube and review it? Please? For those of us with sex blogs who are kept awake at - sweet mercy - 2.13 in the morning? Try it. Email me. So I can sleep.

    Maybe my job seems cushy to the unknowing eye. But I ask you - have you ever been kept awake at night pondering a new lube?

    I rest my case.

    If you were pondering - currently, ID Lube is considered America's best selling lube, including a rating as number one in "Men's Health" magazine - Astroglide is a respectable number two. The best selling flavored lube is in the Juicy Lube family and Durex is claiming the title of best selling in the UK.

    *- I don't mean to startle any of you with this knowledge. But it is the truth. I don't even eat brown sauce. Yeah, I said it.

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