1. Break out of your sex rut

    You always do it at the same time, roughly the same night, in the same place and in the same position/s. If this sounds familiar to you, you and your lover could be stuck in a sex rut

    When you always have sex at the same time and on the same night, it becomes another thing you have to squeeze into your daily routine. In some ways, it can end up being regarded as more of a chore than something pleasurable.

    There are tons of reasons why lovers can full into a rut when it comes to erotic antics, but it's easy to snap yourselves out of one. The most important thing you need to do is act upon your sexual impulses as and when they arise.

    If you're feeling horny as soon as you get in from work, don't wait until bedtime to have sex purely because "that's when we always do it". Mix it up; have sex at different times, in different places, try out different positions, only have oral sex, use toys instead of fucking each other…

    The list of things you can do to add variety is endless, so stop settling for a sexual routine that's boring, lack lustre and a sure-fire way to kill a sexy relationship.