1. Venus Sex Show Video - Day 1

    A behind-the-scenes glimpse into the trade hall at the Venus Sex Show in Berlin. Penis bean bags, porn DVD vending machines, and a guy with a hands-free masturbator await. Oh, and not to mention the crazy fucking machine at the end…

    Comments (5)

    • Teddy-Bear: October 19, 2007 17:48
      Looks like a fun show, but I'm not sure what mother-in-law would make of the phallic bean bags! Actually, I am ..... that'd be me out of the Will.
    • tallboy246: November 04, 2007 11:44
      Hi Love Honey,
      Would l be right in thinking you scour the face of the planet looking for things we can use to diddle ourselves !! If it is so then what plans might you have to bring to our shores the strange and unusual, apart from butternut squash that is !!!!
    • tallboy246: May 12, 2009 19:55
      Well Love Honey, things seem to be holding up well in these economic hard times.... that's with the emphasis on the hard !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • poppy904: September 16, 2009 22:52
      apparently this video has been removed due to youtube terms of use violations. i think ive missed out on something now..... x
    • tallboy246: September 19, 2009 18:26
      I'm sure you must have !!!!